Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shrink Film Earrings

Hello and Happy Wednesday! I hope you're enjoying your summer. For me, it's way too HOT!!

Today I'm sharing earrings I made using Shrink film and Jacobean Blocks from Bugaboo Stamps.

I started out with some Shrink Film I got from Hobby Lobby (using a 40% off coupon). Instructions are on the back, but basically, open a Word document, open your images, and print just like you would on regular paper.

I printed my images at 2" because they are supposed to shrink down 1/2 size.

Here I have lightly colored my images with Copics, cut them out with scissors and used the larger hole punch on my Cropadile. Do all cutting and hole punching BEFORE shrinking. You can either put these babies in the oven or use your embossing gun (which is what I do since I'm too lazy to wait for the oven to heat up).

These are ready to wear!!

Thanks so much for visiting today!


cg said...

Gorgeous! I just discovered this technique...very tickled to see you've written a nice little tutorial that I can just link to, ha ha! Really beautiful.

cgl1539 said...

So pretty, I recently got some shrink film and I gotta try this. Okay question, can I use my regular old printer or does it have to be a certain kind?

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Well if you aren't just too creative.. These are adorable . I tried to make some at Christmas but didn't do too well. They are beautiful.. hugs from Ukiah

Tammy said...

Love these earrings Lola! Awesome project!

Tina said...

very pretty..


Tracey said...

Wish it was hot here it feels more like winter than summer lol
Fabulous earrings Lola!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I have never heard of inkjet shrink film...hummm...I look to experiment...thank you for the info and inspiration to try something new.

Jodie Mackrell said...

very cool project! love them!

Shannon White said...

Love these!Such a fabulous idea and what a great gift too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Shannon 8-)

Frances said...

While most of my readings point out that a shrink film is commonly used for packaging purposes, I am actually surprised with the fact that this could also be used for crafts!


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