Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Candy Party Favors

Last week I shared the cupcake toppers I made for Bean's birthday party.  Today I'm sharing some party favors I put together.
 1) I found an image online that I wanted to use.  I did clean up the image a bit so it was just a plain rainbow with clouds.  I added her name and age in the clouds.  I opened Word and was able to fit 6 images per page.
 2) I cut out the images for the front, and cut out an equal number of blank squares for the back.  Both are regular copy paper so they wouldn't be too thick.  The squares don't have to be exact at this point.  So I have my front squares, my back squares, and a bag of candy - Skittles.  Get it?  A rainbow of flavor?
3) Using a regular sewing machine stitch, sew THREE sidesPut candy inside and THEN sew the forth side of the square.  Yes, I realize mine are technically rectangles.  And, these held 10 skittles.  Don't like to sew?  Use a tape runner or double sided tape.

4) Once all four sides are sewn with candies inside, I used pinking shears to cut around the package to make them even.  I displayed them on her "gift table" as a decoration and favor.  These were a hit!  As always, thanks for visiting!


Catherine said...

This is such a fantastic idea Lola ! What a great way to offer treats ! I love it ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Elaine said...

Hi Lola,
Well , I’m back and I have the rest of today free so as to catch up on everyone’s creations since I have been away refurbishing my old house.
I adore reading the blog’s and looking at all the lovely cards and projects, almost as much as making the cards myself.
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog , its so nice to keep in touch.
What a fabulous treat idea well done , love the rainbows.
Your cards and projects are always so inspirational and I love your designs .
Great work well done ,
Hugs Elaine

Tracey said...

These are fab Lola - what a great idea!
Hope all is well :)

Andrea C said...

These are brilliant might have to try them when it is one of my daughter's birthdays they love rainbows. xx

Sandy from Ukiah said...

You are so creative.. such a awesome idea.. AND happy birthday to Miss Bean.. i hope she had a wonderful birthday.. hugs


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