Monday, February 11, 2013

Make a Valentine Onsie

Hello all.  Today I'm sharing something a little different.  I made a onsie for Sprout for Valentine's Day - and it's so super simple.  I believe this technique is called reverse applique.
So here goes!

1) Grab a onsie.  Make a heart template out of cardstock.
2) Outline using a washable marker.  I made the heart in the center slightly larger than the two on the sides.
 3) Cut a piece of coordinating knit.  I used an old red t-shirt (super thrifty right?).
4) Pin the coordinating fabric to the INSIDE of the onsie.  So the RIGHT side of my red material is on the WRONG side of my onsie.  Pin in place.
 5) This shows how the red material is on the INSIDE of the onsie.
6)  Using coordinating thread, sew around your washable marking a few times.  I tried to make the lines cross so it would look more fun.
7) CAREFULLY make a snip on the white onsie to create a starting point.  Trim all the way around the WHITE heart only, leaving the red knit intact.
8) Do this on all the hearts or designs.
9) Here is what the back/inside looks like.
10) Trim the excess so it doesn't irritate the baby.
11) Attempt to take a picture of said baby in completed onsie.
12) Make another for older child.  She doesn't look overly excited about this, but trust me, she LOVES her new shirt!!
Happy crafting!!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

I can't believe now big Bean has gotten and how pretty she is, and little Sprout is so adorable.
You are so creative... Hugs from ukiah

Tracey said...

You are sooo clever Lola, I love these :D & Bean & Sprout are just adorable you must be very proud.
(thanks for the tutorial too).

Cheryl First said...

That is so cool! They are both so cute, Lola! What a great gift idea for kids, and I love that you recycled an old t-shirt!

Oak Pond Creations said...

Lola this little onesie is adorable! Thanks for stopping by OPC and leaving a lovely comment today. Hugs and happy crafting <3-Kim

Lisa Lara said...

Oh these turned out so cute Lola.

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Oh what fun!!! I did this years ago when making my own flags to hang outside. I could not afford the store bought flags so started making my own. I didn't even think on a smaller scale to do this on a shirt or onesies. Fabulous! As a new mother yearrrrrrrrrrrs ago, someone wrote saying they were sending onesies . Looking at the word itself, I had no idea what in the world they were talking a out and the word was not in the dictionary. Boy! Did I feel stupid, and worried as a new mother knowing I had a LOT to learn!

Shannon White said...

OMgoodness these are the Cutest Lola!! And I love that you up-cycled an old T! 8-)



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