Friday, December 16, 2011

Stampin Up Christmas 1

Hello! I recently went to a Stampin' Up Stamp a Stack class to make some Christmas cards. I do this every year to make sure I have plenty of handmade cards to send out. Here are two of the four we made:

This first one is actually quite elegant IRL. There's a pretty black ribbon next to the scalloped black DP.

I wanted to share a close up of the focal point. The background is stamped with a pretty star of words, and is topped with an embossed Joy on that see-thru paper stuff (that's the technical term).

This card features really pretty colors and a paper ribbon. Those trees are just so pretty and the off white ribbon is really soft and fuzzy.

Just showing off a little dimension here. So my DH has already claimed a few of these to send to his customers. I'll show the other two next week. Thank you for stopping by!


Shannon White said...

Wowzers Miss Lola! These are both just Wonderful! Both are So Pretty! I am really starting to get hooked on Stampin up! 8-) They have such cute crafty stampy stuff! 8-)


Sandy from Ukiah said...

I love them both.. But I am really loving the first one, that star of words with the Joy embossed on that see-thru paper (that technical term) is so stunning... I wish I could go to a stamping up party and make cards this beautiful.... Simply beautiful

Catherine said...

Your two cards are simply gorgeous Lola ! They look so elegant and chic ! Love the colours you have chosen too ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Melissa S. said...

These are wonderful. What great designs. I so have to remember the oval with the paper around the outer edge. I just got a roll of that fuzzy (Velvet) ribbon, and I havent thought of using the see through paper stuff(can't think of the name right now either) for a long time. Love the cards.


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