Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Punches

This weekend I went to Ruth's Stampin' Up punch class. These classes are great and you make creations using all punches. Like I've mentioned before, I have a good time, but I would never do these on my own...I'm too spoiled with my Cricut. I still like to share since they really are creative!

Isn't he just too cute? Stampin' Up sells the little cups (M&M's not included ;) ) and I've seen them used in the most creative ways. The size of this card is going to be great for either a gift card or cash. I'm not sure who I'm going to give this to just yet, but I wonder if they will take the card apart to get to the candy.

The teeth on this little guy just makes me laugh! Last year we made a singing reindeer - and I'll post the pic if I have one. These singing creatures are just too cute!
Now this I didn't make. I like going to Ruth's classes because she always has some cute little give-away that makes me go "awwwww."
So the two little cards fit right inside. I feel so bad because the stuff I get at her classes, I never use or give away. It's like they're too cute to part with. But if I just keep them, then no one else will get the opportunity to enjoy them as well. Know what? I'm going to make an effort to pass these goodies along! Stop hoarding and start sharing! That's my new mantra.

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