Friday, January 18, 2013

Party with Bugaboo

Hello all and welcome to the final post for the Catch the Bug, Bugaboo Birthday Bash.  Today's festivities include a FREEBIE!
OK, so I saw this awesome little card/box at Cely's blog and thought "that's awesome!  I must do this too."  Well, I had a few problems.  I think it was the cardstock I used.  But hey, I tried.
My Party Block is computer colored.  I'm sure there's a more technical way to say that, but I don't really know computer speak.  Basically, I didn't color this!  And here it is with the band removed.  Please, don't be swayed by my attempt!  I've seen really gorgeous examples of this awesome little boxes.

So that's a week of Birthday fun at Catch the Bug.  Hope you've enjoyed all the festivities.


Catherine said...

What a fantastic card Lola ! I love it ! Got to try it one day ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Like the unique box style card. Made one that was a mummy coffin style for Halloween.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Bunny said...

I think you did a great job on the card.

Gail said...

I think your card it the TOPS - I made a card similar to that awhile back - a couple as a matter of fact - they are just so cute with a message inside - you did a great job - thanks for being on the hop and for the celebration - have a wonderful weekend!

mulberry station said...

I love this. It is so cute! Thanks for the inspiration.
Nancy P

Anonymous said...

This card box is on my to do list! Great inspiration! Thanks!!Lyn

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Are you kidding! This is wonderful! I don't see a thing wrong with it. I love all your choices for a manly card. I love it. Maybe I'm just not seeing something that you see. Again, I think it looks wonderful!

MiamiKel said...

Over the top CUTE!!!!!!!!!


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