Monday, April 17, 2017

Jellybean Bracelets

Hello and hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Today I would like to share a little treat I made for the kids in my family for Easter.  I like to give them little handmade items in hopes they will grow to appreciate such things.  I know lots of kids love store bought stuff, of course, how could they not?   But hopefully they learn to love crafts, made by hand, that take time and thought.
Anyway, I put together jellybean bracelets, packaged them, and slapped a cute little label on them.  The label features Bugaboo Stamps Bunny and Chick Topper.  I'm sure they enjoyed them - who can resist a Jelly Belly?  That's it for today....thanks for stopping by.


Sue from Oregon said...

Oh my...this is the best Easter project of 2017! I hope I remember it for 2018. This is oh so fun and creative...can't wait to try them! ♥ Sue Kment

Glenda Atkins said...

To clever by far, what a wonderful way to package an Easter treat. Cool!


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