Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am Not a Decorator

So Bean is now 3 years old and has been asking me to take the "baby" stuff off her walls in her room. She's all into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I thought I'd try to liven up her walls a bit after everything came down.
Well how BORING is this?!! I made a total of 4 Mickey and Friends Cricut cuts. All are cut at 10" except Minnie (cut at 7 3/4"). While I was cutting and assembling and shading all the characters, I thought "these are a good size. Once I got them on the wall, I noticed all the blank space that was left.
The characters are great, they really are and she loves them. Thing is, I have so much more wall to spiff-up!
I don't want to paint her walls some obnoxious kid color, so I have to look around the web for some good decorating ideas. I was thinking a little "bunting." Why in quotes? Because in my family, we call them banners. Bunting sounds so fancy :) Feel free to share good ideas or sites!


Anonymous said...

How cute. I made a dog for my son's room. I love the cricut for that reason alone. I wish I had an idea for you but I don't. Sorry.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

These are adorable! I'm sure your daughter loves them!

Bobbi said...

This is really cute. I made a collage of 8 different characters in one frame as my main piece for my DS' room and then I made some vinyl wordart and other decorations for the walls so I can take them off when he is either done with them or we move (we are currently looking for a new house). I also bought some cheap static cling type characters for his dresser and put them on his dresser and bookshelf to coordinate with his room. I wanted them smaller and making them myself with vinyl was just impossible.

Holly said...

Lola, can you please contact me at I'm missing your e mail address.

Kelly said...

Hey Lola...these are soo cute for little girls room. I have an ide similar to the one by Bobbi, you could cut out simplistic flower shapes in coordinating coloured vinyl using your cricut...different sizes etc. As she noted then you can peel them off.


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