Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar

Hello all! I have a couple things to share today. 1) it's the start of the 12 Days of Christmas at Bugaboo!! That means 12 days worth of challenges based on the day.

So, today is Day 1:

So the challenge is to include a TREE on your creation. Note: the 12 Days do require a Bugaboo stamp to participate!

My other share is 2) an Advent Calendar. I really had no clue what these were for, but my husband assured me they were all the rage when he lived in Germany.

I cut 3" white felt squares, embroidered 1 - 24, and sewed them to the red felt. It really was super easy to make - but TIME consuming! I used a dowel - that's hidden on the very top along with red yarn that was in my stash.

I included a couple bolas just for fun (bolas = balls) also made of yarn (there are probably LOTS of tutorials on how to make those fuzzy little things. So needless to say, Bean loved it. I made a little puzzle to go in one of the pockets and will share other goodies as we go along.

That's it for today. I hope you get a chance to play along with us during the 12 Days at Catch the Bug!!

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Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh what a precious picture... i am sure Bean did love it and will love doing it everyday... i would like to know where you find the time to scrap and post so much... i just can't seem to find the time.. probably because i am always on the computer.. have a wonderful day Lola.


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