Monday, August 3, 2009

Simple Owl

I really like this stamp. I recently posted another take on this stamp, but I just can't get enough of it. I made two versions - since I'm needing to make lots of cards at the moment for different occasions.
So obviously these are the same exact cards, just different colors. I sewed the solid and patterned CS together, stamped the owl twice, once on solid and the other on the pattern. Cut out the solid owl and popped him up with 3D dots.
I used heavyweight kraft for the base. Now here's my little secret: I stamped the owl on the solid colored piece of cardstock, but didn't have enough for both the card AND the owl, so I used my xacto to start the cut and finished with my scissors - without cutting up the entire piece of solid CS. So, basically, the solid colored CS under the patterned cardstock has a hole in it (from where the owl was and was cut out). But with the base being heavyweight, and the other CS being thick, you can't even tell anything is missing! Not even if you hold it up to the light. Well, there's no use in using TWO pieces of CS right when you can get away with using just one.

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